To highlight some of the areas of our expertise, our scientists have created a collection of white papers that provide additional insight into our testing services and capabilities referencing previous projects.

Disposable Plastic Bioreactors & 
Single Use Devices, The "E & L Challenges" 

by Impact Analytical

Selecting a Laboratory for Pharmaceutical 
Stability Testing

By Katherine Robertson, 2012
Edited by Melissa Reeves, 2020

Determination of Activated PEG
on Substrate by 1H NMR Assay

By A.B. Ferruzzi
and J.P. Heeschen

The Stability of Drug Products
Through a Temperature Profile Study
By Shaundrea Rechsteiner & 
Deena Conrad-Vlasak

Outsource or in-house? The
evolving role of analytical services

By Impact Analytical Staff

Selecting and Validating Analytical 
Methods for the Cosmetics and 
Pharmaceutical Industries
By Neil Chapman and 
Deena Conrad-Vlasak

Thermal Analysis with Pharmaceutical 
By Karen Griffin, 2017

The Case for Upgrading Existing 
HPLC Assays to UPLC
By Eric Hill, 2011

Adding Value by Integrating cGMP 
with an ISO 9000 Quality Management

By John MacLauchlan
October 2016

Multi-Technique Analysis of Cleaning
Products for Target Component 
By Amy Porter, Ph.D.

Fast PDMS Quantitation Using ICP-OES
By Barbara Padvan and Katherine Robertson

Analysis of VOC
By Melissa Reeves, 2020

Working with Virtual Pharma Companies
Impact Analytical, 2020 

Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) 
or Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC)

Impact Analytical, 2020

Parabens in Cosmetics
By Shaundrea Rechsteiner

Testing of Cosmetics for Heavy
Metal Content


Elemental Impurities: new USP 
chapters <232>, <233>, and <2232> 
and Frequently Asked Questions
Regarding Their Implementation

Determination of Nickel and Lead 
in Wax Samples by ICP-MS
By Barbara Pavan, Ph.D. and 
Lucia Gardey, 2016

Extractables/Leachables Case Studies 
for Personal Hygiene Products and
Inhalation Drugs: Challenges and Solutions

By Barbara Pavan, Ph.D, 2016

Analytical Medical Device Development 
and Failure Testing Strategies

By Deena Conrad-Vlasak, 2017

Characterization of Odor & Taste
Components Using Olfactory
Detection and Solid Phase
Microextraction GC-MS
By Amy Porter, Ph.D., Operations Manager
and Karen Griffin, Senior Analytical Chemist

Extractables and Leachables Testing
for Medical Applications

By Michael Ruberto, Ph.D., 2014