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Aerosol Testing

Characterization of Aerosol Products for Labeling Compliance
Aerosol products are required to meet strict labeling guidelines with respect to flammability.  These guidelines vary from country to country.  Impact Analytical has experience with the labeling regulations in the US, Canada, and the EU.  We can help determine which labeling requirements apply to your product, what test methods must be followed, and what label must be applied based on the data (Non-flammable, Flammable, Highly Flammable, etc.). 
Impact Analytical uses custom test stands set-up for determination of flame extension, ignition distance, and enclosed space ignition. We have several different flash point testers to accommodate the different published methods.  Our testing complies with all applicable ASTM, ISO, DIN, and EU guidelines.

Aerosol testing is performed under US, European, and Canadian regulations.
The US regulations are outlined in 16 CFR 1500.45, and describe the testing required to determine flame extension and flashback for self-pressurized containers.

The Canadian regulations for similar testing are outlined in “Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations, 2001 (SOR/2001-269), Schedule 1, “TEST FOR DETERMINING THE FLASHBACK AND THE LENGTH OF THE FLAME PROJECTION OF A FLAMMABLE PRODUCT ENCLOSED IN A SPRAY CONTAINER”.

The European regulations are outlined in UNECE Part III Classification Procedures, Test Methods and Criteria Relating to Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Division 5.1, Class 8, and Class 9, Section 31.  These regulations include testing requirements for enclosed space ignition, ignition distance, and aerosol foam flammability testing.

Flash point analysis is performed on the bulk liquid (rather than the final product with propellant) under various ASTM methods (ASTM D93, D3828, etc.).

Impact Analytical can provide you with accurate and reliable data for submitted consumer product samples, that complies with known U.S., Canadian, and European standards.

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