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Impact Analytical has resources and expertise available in plastics and polymer analysis. We have an extensive polymer library, access to leading polymer scientists and a wealth of contacts in the industry. Across a wide range of industries and array of problems, Impact Analytical provides the customized solutions you need. With the expertise of the Impact team, we can help improve the quality of your materials to ensure compliance with local and global regulatory standards. Our services include testing across the product lifecycle, from raw materials through resins and plastics to composite materials.

Our expert scientists use the most advanced instrumentation, along with a wide range of techniques including spectroscopy, microscopy, and chromatography, and a combined knowledge base, which includes method development and validation, and industry standard test methods to ensure a material meets compliance requirements. We possess a wealth of troubleshooting experience and considerable failure analysis insight as part of our broad polymer testing expertise. Our experts bring you insight into your material’s chemical composition, helping you to understand degradation and performance over the product’s lifetime: invaluable for ensuring that the material is the optimum choice.

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