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Odor Analysis

Analytical Testing to Resolve Odor Problem

Odor problems observed in food & beverage packaging, consumer products, and scented products can be damaging to product reputation. The source of these problems is often related to the polymeric packaging. Impact Analytical’s vast polymer and chemical experience allows us to identify unknown odor causing components, and also determine their source. We partner with the client to eliminate the source, and ensure product integrity.

We have developed testing regimes that isolate the odor component(s) at trace levels, and utilize state-of-art equipment to identify these components. 

  • Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME)
  • GC-MS with chemical ionization (CI)
  • Headspace GC-MS
  • Gerstel Olfactory detector

Some examples of Odor problems we have solved include:

  • Characterization of Potable Water Pipe for Odor Components
  • Mapping of Odor Penetration in Warehouse Storage Facility
  • Determination of Odor Source in Bottled Water
  • Characterization of Synthetic Wine Corks for Odor Leaching
  • Analysis of Food Storage Bags for Odor Component

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