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Polymer Characterization

Thermal Analysis and physical property testing are vital to understanding polymers, polymer properties, and their characterization. Impact Analytical has the experience and knowledge to analyze polymer types (linear, branched, crosslinked, and networked) for a wide range of applications. Our laboratories are equipped with the most advanced instrumentation to characterize the thermal properties of polymer molecules, including glass transition (Tg), melt temperature (Tm), heat of fusion, heat capacity, weight loss, thermal stability, and more. We can also analyze the rheological properties of polymers and polymer systems. Contact us today to discuss your polymer characterization project.


When you work with us, our experts will first consult with you to discuss in detail your polymer analysis requirements. We will talk with you about the uses for the data and gather information about the polymers being analyzed, including type of polymer, filler type, any known additives, as well as presence of recycled material.


  • Impact Analytical provides a wide range of analyses for characterization of polymers including:
  • Thermal testing – DSC for such information as glass transition, melt temperature, oxidative induction time; and TGA for weight loss, thermal stability, inorganic content
  • Physical testing – density and hardness.
  • Rheological testing – capillary and rotational
  • Optical testing – color, haze, and gloss

Goals of the service/technique

Polymeric materials are used in many industries and understanding the thermal and physical properties of these materials is vital to the development and production of products. The property data can be used for quality control purposes, comparison of supplier materials, and design of production lines. These techniques can also be used to characterize unknown materials and polymer mixtures.

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