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Specialty Chemicals

The scientists of Impact Analytical are here to help you understand the technical and performance attributes of your products.

Chemicals used as raw materials or intermediates in the production of finished products have a critical effect on the process when contamination or suitability issues rise. Understanding the chemical composition is critical for determining performance and how they add value to the process. Across a broad spectrum of industry sectors, our scientists are able to determine the chemical composition of your components and suggest how they will affect your processes and ultimately your finished products. When your product is going to be used in a regulated environment, a service laboratory with experience in working under GLP and cGMP guidelines is critical. Make Impact Analytical your choice.

No chemical problem is too big or too small; with a detailed examination, we can understand the issue with:

    • Production Problem Solving
    • Component Identification
    • Component Quantitation
    • Product Deformulation
    • Solvents Quantitation

Amindon Research and Development

As an extension of our services, we recomend Amindon to help you with your R&D strategy. Amindon enables specialty chemical industry clients to compete through new product innovation via an open innovation R&D strategy. Delivering cost-effective R&D through an experienced organization with a proven track-record of successful new product development. Amindon designs and supplies new chemicals with complete management of the new product development process; this enables our clients to focus their resources on what they do best.

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