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Product deformulation and reverse engineering of consumer products, chemicals, and materials.

Impact Analytical has over 20 years of experience providing deformulation services on various types of products and materials. Our laboratory is equipped with the most advanced instrumentation to perform product deformulations (see infographic below). Example products that have been deformulated within our laboratory include:

⦁ Detergents
⦁ Cleaners
⦁ Personal Care Items
⦁ Cosmetics
⦁ Medical device materials
⦁ Food container materials
⦁ Water bottles
⦁ Paper products (tissues, absorbent paper)

Impact Analytical is not limited to the above types of products and welcomes the challenges that your product may present.

The deformulation and reverse engineering process

When you work with us, our experts will first consult with you to discuss the objectives for the project and gather all available information about the product. Background information about the product can greatly aid in the reverse engineering process well as reduce the time required for the project. Our experts will work with you and will work internally to develop the most efficient deformulation plan and to select the most appropriate techniques for the project. Phase I involves the Identification, Phase II involves the Quantification.

Techniques used for the process

Advanced instrumentation is available at Impact Analytical for your sample analysis. This instrumentation includes LC-MS, GC-MS, NMR, FT-IR, ICP, and several other instruments. Most deformulation projects will require some separation of components within the sample.  LC-MS is routinely used to separate and identify less volatile components in the sample, and GC-MS is routinely used to identify the more volatile components in the mixture. Our LC-MS can provide accurate mass information on components in the sample, which leads to timely assignments for the components in the product. Other techniques are also used as needed to provide a complete deformulation. Only the most appropriate techniques will be used for your project, helping you to manage the cost of the project.

Final product

Impact Analytical will communicate with you during the deformulation process to ensure that your project objectives are met. Throughout the project, you will be able to determine whether or not your needs have been satisfied and to determine if additional testing is required for a complete deformulation. A quality deformulation will be the end product of our testing.

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