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What’s Your Back Up Plan for Laboratory Testing Services?

In many industries, analytical services have become a “make versus buy” decision. Pressures within the current economic environment are prompting some companies to develop a new perspective on which specific analytical capabilities remain “core competencies” and which can be successfully outsourced to reduce overall operating expenses.
Many firms are also experiencing the effects of downsizing, without a corresponding reduction in analytical needs. Throughout many industries, corporate decision-makers are examining which components of the analytical development, testing and quality assurance protocols lead to a true competitive advantage by remaining in-house. This is especially true for startup companies as the barrier to entry into the testing arena can be prohibitively high.

Verify laboratory credentials

Impact Analytical Staff have over 30 years’ experience in conducting regulated bioanalytical studies supporting the development of small molecule pharmaceuticals and biomarkers from our facilities in Midland and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Does the lab understand method development, transfer and validation?

Impact Analytical has established SOPs to provide a seamless transfer of customer methods. We also develop and validate methods for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, agri-sciences, consumer products and the specialty chemical industry.

Can they perform Method Verification?

Impact routinely performs method verifications to provide objective evidence that a test method is fit for purpose; the method is performing and yielding accurate and reliable data.

Will the testing be U.S. Based?

Impact Analytical has one facility located in Midland, Michigan. Impact Analytical will not outsource any testing unless customer approval has been given.  All outsourced testing laboratories are in the US and have been qualified by Impact Analytical’s vendor qualification program.

Can I get Rush or Expedited Service?

Impact Analytical understands customer needs and collaborates/partners with our clients to accommodate requests for expedited and rush testing. Impact Analytical can be as flexible as needed to meet your needs. Working 24 hr. shifts, 7 days a week, is available, if needed, to get you through this pandemic.

If you have questions about Impact Analytical’s capabilities or would like to discuss working with us as a back-up laboratory, please contact us at: 
855.432.3210 or via our Contact Form.

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