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Stability Testing

Stability Testing is the evaluation of product or material stability.

Impact Analytical is a leading provider of stability testing services and accelerated stability studies. Understanding the stability of a product or material against the effects of time, temperature and/or humidity is an important part of product development. While this is vital to the pharmaceutical industry, it is of equal importance to the consumer product, food, and beverage industries. Impact Analytical has the testing facilities to safely conduct the desired stability or shelf-life study, as well as the corresponding analytical testing to evaluate the effects of the storage conditions. Examples of these effects include: 
  • Material degradation
  • Pharmaceutical API stability
  • Consumer product active ingredient stability
  • Shelf life evaluation
  • Packaging integrity evaluation
  • Raw material and chemical stability

Stability Testing is the evaluation of product or material stability.

We perform stability studies and accelerated stability testing on many different products and materials, and under varied storage conditions. Whether you require long term stability storage conditions or accelerated storage conditions, Impact Analytical has experience in performing stability testing for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and specialty chemicals under cGMP and GLP requirements and guidelines. We can develop methods for testing stability samples, or follow prescribed testing procedures such as US Pharmacopeia and EPA OPPTS requirements.
Impact Analytical has many different capabilities for storage stability testing. Whether it is a simple titration, corrosion evaluation, and pH determination to evaluate changes in an active ingredient over time; or more complex testing requiring GC-MSLC-MS, and ICP-MS to determine the presence of impurities or leachable components, we can meet your testing needs.

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