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Chemical Analysis Services

Chemical Analysis

For over 30 years Impact Analytical has provided chemical analysis services using a variety of instrumental and classical wet chemistry techniques. Our laboratories are equipped with a wide variety of advanced instrumentation, covering the range of elemental, separation, molecular spectroscopy, titration, and pH analyses.  

Specific instrumentation, virtually all of which is GLP/cGMP qualified, includes, but is not limited to, the following:


Classical wet chemistry techniques include, but are not limited to:

  • Oxidation/Reduction; chemical incompatibility testing.
  • Kauri-Butanol Value (Kb Value) D1133
  • Volatile Amines
  • Misc. Mass Spec

These techniques are used to characterize known and unknown materials for identity, composition, purity, and reactivity.

When you work with us, our experts will first consult with you to determine your specific needs. Discussions will include types of chemical analyses required, sample amounts, sample solubility, sample handling restrictions, and level of reporting required. The level of reporting can be as straightforward as our standard ISO report, GLP/cGMP reporting for Federal agencies in the United States (FDA and EPA), and REACH reporting for the European Union.

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