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Molecular Weight Determination

Molecular Weight Determination

Molecular weight is a critical property of a chemical, particularly for polymers. Impact Analytical has extensive experience and comprehensive tools for measuring molecular weight of all types of compounds and polymers. We can supply results to aid in problem solving, unknown identification, manufacturing support, or product deformulation.

Depending on the sample material, molecular weight can be determined through a variety of techniques.  Molecular weight, as well as molecular structure, of small molecules can be determined using mass spectrometry.  Using a direct infusion method, samples can be introduced directly to the detector to confirm the molecular weight of a known material, or provide structural characterization of an unknown.

Molecular weight information of polymers can be determined using techniques such as viscosity and size exclusion chromatography.  In order to perform molecular weight determinations of polymers, it is necessary to understand the solubility of a given polymer.

Impact Analytical has state-of the-art equipment, and the knowledge and experience to provide you with molecular weight information of your sample material, whether it is a small molecule material or a polymer.

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