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Critical Component Analysis: Benzene Detections, Testing, & Analysis


Benzene is a known carcinogen, and the FDA has been alerting drug manufacturer to the risk of benzene contamination in certain drugs. More recently, has been found in commonly used personal care products. Our role in ensuring the safety and integrity of drug and consumer products in the market has never been more vital.

Element laboratories specializes in detecting impurities and contaminants, including benzene which have been linked to various health risks.

Why Our Testing is Essential

Benzene is a known carcinogen and overexposure has been linked with causing cancer, anemia, immune system damage, leukemia, and excessive bleding. Benzene has been found in consumer products such as deodorants, hairspray, sunscreen, and hand sanitizers. Popular brands were identified recently as having harmful levels of benzene in aerosol products.

Some companies have taken the initiative to recall products with elevated benzene levels, but there’s a notable absence of legislation requiring independent lab testing. This regulatory gap means that products currently on the market might contain hazardous levels of benzene, putting consumers at risk. Our testing services play a vital role in protecting against these dangerous impurities and contaminants.

At our FDA compliant Element Laboratories, we offer comprehensive testing, detection, and analysis for the presence of benzene in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care, consumer products, ingredients, raw materials, and other chemical compounds using well-established methods. Trust us to ensure the safety and integrity of your products.

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Our Expertise and Approach

With over 30 years of experience in characterizing unknowns and impurities, Element Materials Technology Midland (formerly Impact Analytical) is at the forefront of detecting and dealing with complex contamination challenges. Our proven methodologies are tailored for specific material types, allowing us to efficiently identify, and trace the source of contaminants like benzene. This is not just about compliance; it’s about ensuring the highest standards of product safety.

Other potential sources of impurities we test for include:

– Process and product related impurities

– Degradation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and non-active components

– Oxidized polymer additives

– Unreacted monomers/oligomers

– Extractables/Leachables

Your Assurance of Quality and Safety

In a landscape where regulatory vigilance is intensifying, and the risks of contamination are ever-present, partnering with a laboratory that has a deep understanding of these challenges is critical. Our analytical capabilities extend beyond routine testing, providing a comprehensive safety net against the hidden dangers of benzene contamination.


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