Sample Submission

Please click for more Sample Submission Guidelines (downloadable) or to Download the Sample Submission Form. Open in Adobe or in your browser for full options.


  • Sample containers should be selected for the type of contents it will be holding. 
  • Liquid samples should be in a container with a lid that will seal tightly and completely to prevent leaks. 
    • TIP – parafilm is not ideal for sealing around lids when shipping
    • Powder samples should be in containers that won’t break and allow the powder to escape everywhere.
    • Please properly label all containers. 
      • TIP – including a sample list or completed sample submission form (link to) would be helpful in the event of a leak and the container label is illegible.


  • Sample packaging should be selected that will protect the sample from breakage and cross contamination of samples.
  • Liquid containers should be placed in separate sealable bags with some type of absorbent material. 
  • Powder containers should also be placed in separate sealable bags. 
  • All separately bagged samples may be placed in a larger sealable bag for shipping. 
  • Use of bubble wrap or similar packaging is recommended, especially when sending glass bottles. 
  • When using ice packs or dry ice it is recommended to use an insulated (Styrofoam) box insert for shipping. 
    • TIP – if it is crucial to keep the sample cold, overnight shipping is recommended.
    • TIP – extra ice packs or dry ice is recommended in case of unforeseen delays or weekend shipping.


  • If shipping hazardous materials, please follow all DOT/IATA guidelines for contents
  • Use a shipping box/container that will provide the best protection of the samples.
  • All samples should be addressed to the following:

  Impact Analytical
Sample Receiving
1940 N Stark Road
Midland, MI 48642


  • Please include a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) when possible
  • Please include a completed Impact Analytical sample submission form (link to) for all samples
  • Please include other sample information that may be pertinent to the analysis being performed

If you need any assistance with sample packaging and/or shipping, please contact Impact Analytical.  Our experts will be glad to assist you!

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