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Services Agrochemical and Pesticide Testing

Agrochemicals and pesticides can improve and protect agricultural production and they play a vital role in assisting the world’s food production.  However, there are many regulatory hurdles and strategic obstacles that can cause costly time-to-market delays in the industry. 

The success of your regulatory application can be dependent on the quality of your analytical data, don’t leave it to chance.

Impact Analytical has a long history in the analysis of products used in the agricultural markets.  From pesticides to biocides, Impact has helped companies meet the stringent requirements of the EPA.

At Impact, we use some of the most advanced technology available, including ICP/MS, GC/MS, HPLC, and LCMS.  We count on having all of the physical testing methods developed in-house and ready to support your needs. 

Typical services requested by our clients include:

  • Biocide, Pesticide, and Agrochemical characterization
  • Raw Material Screening
  • Stability studies
  • 5-Batch testing
  • Contaminant & impurities identification
  • Lot release analysis

Working in a Regulatory Environment

We understand the need for compliance, whether you are looking at meeting the needs of the EPA, FDA, or OECD, we work to provide defensible data from our GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) compliant laboratory. 

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Impact Analytical, a US Small Business Enterprise, is a full-service contract testing laboratory. working with companies around the world and dedicated to providing comprehensive analytical services in a variety of industries—pharmaceutical, bioanalytical, speciality chemical, consumer products, medical devices, and agrosciences.

All our analytical studies are conducted under ISO 9001 or with U.S. and international GLP standards for submission to EPA, FDA, OECD, SANCO and other regulatory bodies. We also offer cGMP services upon request. 

Our Pesticide and Agrochemical services include:

1. Physical/Chemical Properties-as outlined in OPPTS 830 (see our website for the complete list of tests available.

2.Chemical Characterization-Our wide variety of instruments allow for characterization of most materials.

3. Storage Stability/Corrosion-Impact has onsite stability chambers to offer accelerated and normal stability storage as defined in the OPPTS 830 series and for R&D purposes.

4. 5-Batch Analysis-Impact has GC-MS, LC-MS, Ion chromatography and ICP-MS to identify and quantify impurities above 0.1% (w/w).

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