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CBD Infused Beauty & Cosmetic products

Impact Analytical has worked in the regulated testing environment since 1995 and has many years of experience working with consumer products, including those in the health and beauty sector. We understand urgency and strive to meet deadlines. With changes in legislation, Impact is now able to offer CBD testing for cosmetic products.

Our modern laboratory offers advanced technology and an exceptional quality system for data assurance. In addition, Impact has extensive experience with analysis of ingredients in a variety of sample matrices (solutions, gels, lotions, powders, solids etc...) Impact has the capability of performing stability studies, active ingredient quantitation, impurity analysis and raw material testing. We are familiar with container testing, EU and FDA regulations. One of Impact’s more unique offerings is Odor/Olfactory analysis.

Recent changes to the Farm Bill have led to the introduction of Cannabinoids in beauty products. How do you know the quantity of actives and if potential contamination exists? Here at Impact, we have the knowledge and experience to analyze products and confirm part per million levels of many ingredients.

Let Impact Analytical be your testing lab of choice. We strive to offer on time data with the highest quality assurance. Impact supports all facets of the product development lifecycle. Impact can customize a testing profile or quality control program based on your needs and industry guidelines.

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