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Identification and characterization of color bodies in polymers and other products
The identification of color bodies is one of the most technically difficult challenges facing an analytical chemist. Impact Analytical has the technical expertise to identify tough color body issues in polymers and materials. Using state-of-the-art equipment coupled with analytical expertise, we have the capabilities to solve your color body problems.

The identification of color bodies entails the isolation of the color body to a high degree of purity, followed by mass and infrared spectroscopic identification.

Examples of color body problems we have solved include:

  • Color in polymer materials
  • Isolation and identification of yellow color body in polysulfone material
  • Surface color issues on plastic bottles
  • Colorant in a plastic bag or wrap
  • Identification and characterization of unknown color body
  • Off-color in a formulated product

Color Bodies Identified in a Plastic Matrix Color Bodies Identified in a Plastic Matrix small

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