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Benzene in Sunscreen and Body Spray Formulations

In a recent studies, numerous sunscreen, antiperspirant and deodorant body spray formulations were tested by a gas chromatography technique for the presence of benzene, a chemical that is known to cause cancer in humans. Of the formulations tested, the majority had detectable concentrations of benzene present.

These findings have prompted well-known skin care companies to recall several of their products, and prompted a request that FDA better define limits for benzene contamination in drug and cosmetic products. 

Impact Analytical has over 30 years of experience in gas chromatography techniques, including Head Space GC-FID and GC-MS for the detection and quantitation of benzene at low concentrations. These techniques can be utilized to test all types of consumer product formulations, including sunscreens and body sprays. As an FDA registered laboratory, Impact Analytical can develop and validate methods for each product matrix.

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