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Impact Analytical: Trusted Lab for Start-ups.

Because of the downsizing of large pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies, the number of small discovery start-ups has increased in recent years. Money is always tight in the startup world, and capital efficiency matters. These smaller companies often have limited capital and facilities, and in order to maintain low overheads, these organizations depend on external analytical testing laboratories.

Often startups are unable to hire highly experienced analytical experts and must rely on cheaper, less experienced employees that are in the early stages of their career without the practical skills or the specialization that an established outsource lab scientist has. The potential for costly mistakes and re-work skyrockets when the workforce lacks the expertise that an outside lab can offer.

One benefit of startups using an established testing lab is the ability to be able to “pass off” the analytical work to the lab so they can focus on other vital tasks to keep their project and their research moving forward. This sort of flexibility often allows for faster results and the ability to make decisions faster.

Turning a profit amidst the increased pressure to decrease spending is often a source of anxiety for new companies. Too many start-ups are afraid to look outwardly for help because they believe — incorrectly — that they can “build it” themselves or can’t afford a partner. If time is your enemy, however, outsourcing may be your new best friend. When done right, your strategy of partnering with an experienced outside professional will help level the playing field to save you both time and money, in one fell swoop. When done properly, outsourcing not only increases savings, but also delivers higher quality, more comprehensive analytical services and results, as well as faster turnaround times, than analyses performed by in-house personnel who lack expertise and proper equipment.

Understanding the benefits of outsourcing is only half the battle. Settling on a vendor is an equally, if not more, challenging decision that companies face. Once a company commits to outsourcing, the search begins to find a lab that is not only qualified, but is one that the company can trust. As companies begin to search, they should keep in mind the purpose of their analysis and what expertise it will require.

A key benefit of partnering with Impact Analytical is that we employ specially-trained and experienced scientists who utilize a strong quality management system when running samples and analyzing results, minimizing the chance of error, and ensuring diligent and thorough evaluation. Impact has a robust Quality System, is ISO 9001:2015 Certified, FDA Registered, and compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and Good Laboratory Practices to ensure FDA or EPA compliance.

By partnering with Impact, you can trust in an open working relationship. Questions are answered sooner and action can be taken faster.

When committing to Impact Analytical, companies should be sure to ask questions regarding customer service, always keeping in mind that such partnerships often develop into a support system that will handle both present and future analysis needs. Outsourcing can alleviate margin for error or impurities in analysis that can be detrimental in today’s fast-paced and competitive market by providing companies with quick and accurate analysis from qualified experts who are well-versed in the field’s best methods and use the most up-to-date technologies. 

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