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Upcoming Events

Feel free to contact our representative to set up a meeting while they are on location for IA's various upcoming events!


home page arrowBIOMEDevice | May 6-7, 2015 | Booth #526

     Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

     Boston, MA

          IA Representatives

          Eric Hill, President

          Bob Everts, Business Development


home page arrowExtractables and Leachables USA | May 12-14, 2015

     DoubleTree by Hilton

     Bethesda, MD

          IA Representative

          Eric Hill, President

          IA Poster Presenter

          Amy Porter, Senior Analytical Leader


home page arrowNational Biotechnology Conference | June 9, 2015

     San Francisco Marriott Marquis

     San Francisco, CA

          IA Representative

          Zack Bunton, Senior Sales Leader