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Taste and Odor Analysis

Analytical testing to resolve taste and odor problems associated with food and beverage packaging


Impact Analytical provides taste and odor analysis on food and beverage packaging and materials.  Preserving the delicate aroma or flavor attributes of packaged foods for increasingly longer periods of time is a quality concern for the food and beverage packaging industries.  Many of the polymeric films and containers used in these applications exhibit interactions that can affect the integrity of the packaged food's aroma and flavor profile. 


We have developed several analytical separation, isolation and characterization techniques for identifying and resolving off-taste and off-odor problems:


1. Cryofocus headspace gas chromatography mass spectrometry affords a rapid comparative profiling of the volatiles being released from "good" and "bad" sample matrices, down to concentrations of 10 parts-per-billion (v/v).


2. Simultaneous steam distillation and extraction of large samples, followed by liquid chromatographic class separations have been developed for the characterization of low parts-per-billion and even parts-per-trillion concentrations of odorants in packages and containers.


Some of the past taste and odor problems we have solved include:

  • Taste and odor investigation using headspace SPME GC-MS of bottle closure resins
  • Characterization of off-odor in non-woven fabrics
  • SPME analysis to determine odor in flooring samples
  • PE closure and water screen to identify potential taste and odor compounds
  • Quantitation of plastic bag components for taste and odor compounds
  • Analysis of bottles for taste and odor contamination after nearby chemical fire
  • Identification of odor compounds emitting from paper packages
  • Identification of the sources of off-taste in wine


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