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Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography

Impact Analytical offers Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) testing services which is the newest technology in liquid chromatography. UPLC involves the liquid chromatography at high pressures, providing chromatography that outperforms traditional HPLC in peak resolution. In addition, UPLC delivers separations in 3-10 minutes, as compared to 15-20 minute separations in traditional HPLC. Please see below for an overlay of characterization of a standard of polymer additives by UPLC and traditional HPLC. 

Traditional HPLC Chromatogram

UPLC Chromatogram

These improvements are accomplished through re-engineered columns that utilize sub-2-µm particles which can handle increased pressures from innovative LC pumps and injectors. Impact Analytical has added a Waters Acquity UPLC to our stable of capabilities, and is leading the migration from HPLC to UPLC. Contact us to discuss how UPLC can simultaneously improve the quality and speed of your separation. We currently offer analysis utilizing UPLC for the following needs: