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Inside our team of scientists, testing specialists, analytical technologists, project managers and senior management, you will find a client-centered approach to the execution of each project. No product is the same; we facilitate custom methods and a flexible suite of testing solutions with the know-how, work ethic and communication needed for a successful partnership.


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Cynthia Chartier


Elemental Analysis

Barbara Pavan


Facilities Manager

Amy Parker


Gas Separations

Debbie Beuthin

Susan Freed

Brian Palumbo

Amy Porter


Liquid Separations

Jessica Chatterton

Jason Damaska

George Litwinski

Lindsay Davis

Ryan Pritzlaff

Mike Radvan

John Roy

Dawn Zuengler


Marketing and Sales

Zack Bunton

Robert Everts

Jamey Ross


Molecular Characterization

Arthur Ferruzzi 

Karen Griffin

Jerry Heeschen 



Eric Hill



Sarah Diener

John MacLauchlan

Celia Mendoza

Kerry Pacholke


Sample Receiving

Doug Keeley


Technical Management

Kathey Robertson


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