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Extractables & Leachables eBook: Options for Ensuring Effective Extractables Testing
(August 25, 2014)
IA Expansion has led to Job Growth in Midland - Midland Daily News |
(August 19, 2014)
Virtual Lab Tour: Impact Celebrates 1 year at New Location!
(June 1, 2014)
PODCAST: The Importance of Possessing Good Polymer Chemistry Knowledge in Conducting Extractable/Leachable Studies
(April 1, 2014)
Impact Receives Awards in CRO Leadership
(March 1, 2014)

For it's Quality and Productivity of services offered, Impact Analytical (IA) has been recognized by the Life Science Leader for providing outstanding productivity, regulatory, and innovative services.

Impact Analytical Grows with 3 New Hires
(February 1, 2014)

Impact Analytical has announced the addition of Susan Freed and Ryan Pritzlaff to its staff of problem-solving experts along with Kerry Pacholke to assist with maintaining the lab's Quality Assurance Standards.

Impact Analytical Expands with New ICP-MS System
(January 2, 2014)

Impact Analytical has acquired a new Agilent ICP-MS system.  This system will allow for trace inorganic analysis to sub part-per-billion levels.  It is employed for trace metal and inorganic analysis of water samples, extracts, and sample digests.

Impact Analytical Grows with New UPLC-MS: QTOF System
(January 1, 2014)

Impact Analytical has added a new Agilent LC-MS, which couples a 1290 Infinity LC system with a 6530 q-ToF mass spectrometer.  The q-ToF mass spectrometer enables exact mass measurement for enhanced performance in MS and MS/MS with mass accuracy up to 2 ppm.

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