Impact offers BPA testing

Baby bottles. Food containers. Dental fillings. Water bottles.


All of these products and many more have been found to contain harmful levels of Bisphenol A (BPA) in recent months. If you need the security in knowing your products are safe and sound for everyone involved, it's time to turn your BPA testing needs over to the experts at Impact Analytical.


Impact has developed an excellent method for the extraction and accurate quantitation of BPA levels in finished products and raw materials. And here's the best news: You can get a quick and easy (and free!) quote from Impact Analytical by filling out the form.


Nothing's more important than your customers' (and your company's) well-being; when it comes to BPA testing, "safe" beats "sorry" every time. Make sure you're covered - get Impact Analytical involved today.


See a sample BPA Report (Adobe Acrobat file)
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